EAA284 – Les Garber to speak

Posted By on January 8, 2006

The Wright Brothers and The Birth of Aviation - Les GarberEAA Chapter 284 will feature Les Garber at our February 12, 2006 meeting. He will share and discuss his latest book, “The Wright Brothers and The Birth of Aviation” and not doubt field a few questions. Although I haven’t read the book yet, this 13 Chapter book published by Crowood Press, is said to be written from the engineering perspective dealing with the questions that Orville and Wibur Wright faced when dealing with the fundamentals of flight. Les Garber is a retired professor and hold a PhD in engineering and a private pilot himself. He is assisting Nick Engler with his Wright projects, carves propellers and has made replacement props for Mark Dusenberry’s Wright Model III (1905 Flyer).

This chapter meeting is one not to be missed and I would like to extend the invitation to others from the area who might be interested in aviation, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) or just hearing comments from Les Garber. Meetings are held at Red Stewart Field just south of Wayneville, Ohio at 2 PM. Check the EAA284.org site for details.


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