President Bush talks more about biofuels

Posted By on April 30, 2007

Rose GardenAfter meeting with EU leaders in the Rose Garden, President Bush commented a bit more on the importance of cleaner, renewable, domestically produced fuels. As an advocate for alternatives to petroleum, I’m pleased to hear national leaders stressing importance of continuing national efforts in developing renewable biofuels … especially the ‘more efficient’ biodiesel.

President Bush:

I have said we’ll have a mandatory fuel standard, not a voluntary fuel standard, but a mandatory fuel standard that will reduce our uses of gasoline by 20 percent over a 10-year period of time. We believe that ethanol and biodiesel, the spread of ethanol and biodiesel are — the goal of spreading ethanol and biodiesel is achievable, that’s what we believe. And we’re spending a lot of money to achieve that goal.

Now, the spread of ethanol in the United States is not going to be achievable if we rely only upon corn. There is a limit to the amount of ethanol we can produce with corn as a feedstock. So our research dollars are going to what they call cellulosic ethanol, and that means the ability to make ethanol from switchgrasses or wood chips. And we’re spending a lot of money to that end.


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