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Posted By on May 1, 2005

I spent Saturday, April 30 at with a bunch of TDI owners at Jon Hamilton’s tuning session, driver for team The event was scheduled as a fundraiser for the race team around chip tunning by Jeff (Rocketchip) and injector nozzles from Charlie (KermaTDI). It was a busy day as there were 9 sets of injectors installed, 15 ECU tunings and a few other improvements. Forunately there wasn’t any rain, but the temperatures were on the chilly side.

Our host spent his time coordinating and scheduling the variety of modifications to our cars, showing off the newly tuned RallyVW Golf and generally talking a mile a minute instilling excitement to all in attendance. He was a terrific host … although could have left a few pieces of pizza for those doing the labor! (I’m kidding of course!) 🙂

Jon Hamliton eating pizza

Speaking of labor, the process started for most with nozzle removal by Oliver while most of us watched over his shoulders … although I did get my hands slightly smudge. 😉 I’m curious as to how many injectors he removed?


I’ll include a couple of photos below … first in Olivers agressive looking TDI and second is Dennis’s sleeper PD wagon … maybe I’m just getting old but there is something to be said for that ‘stealthy diesel?’

Olivers Jetta

2005 PD Jetta Wagon

Charlie (KermaTDI) was busy pop testing injectors and installing the nozzles. He remained steady to the end and I know his trip from Utah was appreciated. Thankfully the shipment he sent on ahead of him arrived to the post office or much of the added HP and Torque for the day would have been lost … you cut it close Charlie!

Charlie pop testing injectors

Speaking of the post office, I was fortunate to be able to ride with Jon in the Rally Golf and its new agressively profiled Rocketchip into town. Oh baby does that bugger move! It was tuned nicely and even provided a grin of approval by Jon.

Jon and Rich test drive the Rally Golf

The highlight of this run to the post office was a backroads detour that was sure to get the attention of a few of the neighbors. 🙂 I kept my eye on the boost and EGT gauges while Jon pushed that little 1.9 TDI engine pretty hard. The boost valve did its job and it took some really effort to get the EGT to rise to 140.

Rally Golf gauges

If they are not able to win rally races it will not be due to “a diesel lacking power.” Although IMHO most of the additional power is due to Jeff’s new profile for the RocketChip, many of the mods under the hood of the Rally Golf are important too.

Under the hood of the Rally Golf

Rally Golf's modified intake and exhaust

Some of the improvements can be seen in the above photos but the exhaust has also been improved using a larger pipe to reduce backpressure and heat build up. The team still has a few other improvement up their sleeves in hopes to keep their car competitive as they move from stock.

Their was a steady flow of new faces throughout the day and believe that most were thrilled with unlocking the power within their car.

Tuning Session April 30, 2005

Tuning Session draws a crowd

As for my BIODZL Jetta … I intended to add ‘just’ a mild Rocketchip Stage II upgrade to enhance my Sprint 520 nozzles. Unfortunately because I spent the day hanging around these ‘nuts’ … I was infected and opted to upsize my nozzles a notch and have Jeff tweak the Rocketchip to reduce the smoke and keep the power. (of course that’s a chuckle because its what everyone asks of him) 🙂 Nevertheless … I’m super happy with the extrodinary increase in power even though I’ve also added a ‘tad’ of smoke on hard acceleration. I’m sorry not to have taken a photo of Jeff Robertson ( doing his thing. He is amazing … what a talented guy.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Jon, Charlie, Jeff and Oliver for all their work … I hope the event was as successful at raising a few dollars for the team as it was for those of us getting personalized service in tweaking our TDIs. For those reading who are running stock …. its just amazing what power is bottled up inside our little engines!


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