Don’t you just love that new car smell?

Posted By on January 17, 2006

Don’t you just love that new car smell??? Well from the looks of it, Dick Gilpin’s best friend loves it too … let’s just hope the keys aren’t in it!
Alex and Dick\'s New Beetle
I know Dick’s been waiting a long time for his new car to arrive and from the looks of it … its a beauty. He ended up with a Red 2006 VW Beetle TDI … package 2. It has the DSG transmission (Direct Shift Gearbox) which offers the best of an automatic with the positive engagement of a ‘true Tiptronic’ transmission. (it shifts instantly with the flick of the shifter) I would find it hard-pressed to chose between this gearbox and a 5 speed … it is that ‘un-slush-like.’

Dick forwarded a few photos that he posted on his personal site that I’ll link to here. Congratulations … you’ve got a great little beetle … I only hope you can convince Alex to let you drive?


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