Our Options for President are at an All Time Low

Posted By on July 27, 2016

While I’d prefer watching something more enjoyable than the political sales pitches from Republicans talking about Donald Trump (at the GOP convention) last week or the Democrats attempt to do the same this week, GOP-2016-Trump-EstablishmentI am trying to be fair by watching both. Frankly at this point is looks like we are stuck with picking the best of two very questionable nominees. The older I get, the more I realize that it is difficult for honorable people to survive in the corrupt world of national politics.

For Republicans, at least the campaign was fought fair and square, albeit very, very ugly. The embarrassing name calling and lack of specifics regarding issues is disturbing. It was shocking to to see a candidate survive so long on rhetoric, negativity and grade school name calling. Really … is this the best Republicans ObstructionOfJustice_July2016can muster?

The Democrats have gone one further in overlooking the obvious. They are in the middle of nominating someone they know is the most corrupt politician of my lifetime. It is hard to imagine Americans wanting a President who has proven her incompetence in leadership and blatant disregard for laws that would get any other government employee fired if not put behind bars. Besides Hillary Clinton’s poor decisions, the deceit in covering up her motives and purposeful misleading statements (even under oath – click photo on right) yet still supported by her party does not speak well for the integrity of the Democratic Party. Recent Wikileaks emails from the DNC elite gives a whole new meaning to politically connected the evidence is obvious for all to see. I feel for those supporting her opponent Bernie Sanders, as they say, “the fix was in from the start.”

Clinton and Trump aside, the their closest competitors and a third party are hard to accept for many in America due to extreme positions. Trump faced a hard right Republican candidate in Senator Ted Cruz, that as Jonah Goldberg says, “gets and F for plays well with others.” His convictions, which appeal to many watching our nation swing wildly left under President Obama, would likely to do the same in the opposite direction — unfortunately it still divides our country. Democrats were close to nominating a true socialist in Bernie Sanders … who also would do little to represent the majority of the country and prefers to make America more like Europe … or even worse! Who in this country believing capitalism, individual freedom and liberty has created the prosperity of this country could possibly be represented by such an extreme?


For those of us still believing our nation needs a president who can unify and respect all citizens, extremes are not helpful … and neither are leaders who are difficult to decipher (Trump) or one that I can’t trust (Clinton).  Sadly for this presidential election, it is coming down to political party ideology. Are Democrats taking us in the right direction, or do Republicans have a better vision and plan for the country?

For me, that is an easier decision … I’ll hold my nose and vote Trump/Pence.



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