Motorweek confirms Jeep Liberty CRD demise

Posted By on July 30, 2006

jeep crdAs mentioned in previous posts (a, b, c), the diesel powered Jeep Liberty CRD will not be offered in 2007 and according to the PBS program Motorweek, production at the Toledo, Ohio plant as already ceased. For those of us that are ‘pro-diesel’ (and biodiesel) this development has bee disappointing. On the plus side, Jeep should be producing the new diesel powered Grand Cherokee, but most likely its power, luxury and price (and unimpressive economy) will keep many traditional diesel advocates from running to their local Jeep dealer.

In addition to the Jeep Liberty CRD’s elimination for 2007, Volkswagen, the current dominate diesel ‘car’ importer to the US, has indicated that they to are unable to meet new emission standard with their current TDI technology. (see May 2006 post) Volkswagen representatives have indicated that US dealers will continue to sell 2006 TDI models well into the 2007 model year, or at least while they last. Hopefully their new common rail engine will get emissions approval for 2008.

Motorweek Reports Jeep Liberty CRD demise


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