Archive: Ellerie our 2nd granddaughter is 5 months old!

Posted By on July 26, 2020

Ellerie5moOld200720What kind of grandparent would I be without using my personal blog to keep track of and archive photos of my grandchildren?

This past week, Ellerie turned 5 months oldyes ALREADY! She is as happy and healthy as can be, thanks to having a loving big sister, pediatrician mom and great dad. Katelyn forwarded a couple “5-month card” photos of Ellerie and keeps us regularly in the loop as to their busy life … now that Katelyn has been back to work for a couple of months. So far, all is well.

We are looking forward to a few days together and a few extra days with just Annalyn. Projects ready!



EDIT and EDIT again: Missed including Katelyn .. so here’s a photo from Saturday and one from 7/29 with Ellerie starting to eat cereal! Wow!



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