An assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump

| July 14, 2024

Yesterday’s failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump in Butler Pennsylvania will forever be burned in our memories and another dark stain in our divisive politics (unfortunately it has happened throughout history … no matter the country). The soon to be Republican nominee for POTUS (the GOP convention is this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), was targeted […]

New “no wire” Wybot S2 rechargeable pool cleaning robot

| July 14, 2024

Our now 20 year old “corded” iRobot Verro pool vacuum has been outstanding and I’m hard pressed to give up on it by buying expensive bags and replacing more parts. Improvements have been made over the years to pool robots and I decided 2024 was the summer to replace it with one of the cordless […]

Weather thoughts after leftovers from Hurricane Beryl hit us

| July 13, 2024

The stormy weather we had earlier this week due to the remnants of Hurricane Beryl, started me thinking about meteorology and just how scientists can predict weather. There is far more to it than the graphic below, but do remember enough from my sailing books and studying weather my entire life, that it all starts […]

Tech Friday: OS woes and a Mars Edit software update

| July 12, 2024

Although the Late 2012 Intel-based iMac is “aging better than President Biden,”  my desktop iMac is struggling and is no longer being used as my primary computer. Still … it does work as a larger twin 27” screens desktop computer along side my MacBook Air M2 these days. Recently I cross my fingers when updating […]

Impressive US stock market rally yesterday and political winds

| July 11, 2024

Those of us following the stock market and managing investments can’t help but smile at the strong U.S. financial markets on Wednesday and so far this summer. For some who “sell in May and go away” (as the idiom goes) … they are are not smiling quite as much. As a long term value investor, […]

A couple interesting maps: Liberty Township development and severe weather map in Iowa looks like SW Ohio

| July 10, 2024

For those of us living in the Liberty Township, Ohio area for nearly 30 years now, the development map above  probably doesn’t come as a surprise. This once rural township is far more densely populated that it once was. With that growth comes challenges of keeping the heavy traffic and commercial growth from changing what […]

Filler: Router Table storage was a weekend workshop update

| July 9, 2024

Usually workshop tinkering is saved for rainy days and shorter days, but I decided that there were too many jigs and router table components just laying around. When I had fewer items, I could stick them under the table, but now I’m accumulating a few too many jigs, hold-downs and push stick type items that […]

Music Monday: Replaying the song “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon and the drowning of my Apple iPhone 7 Plus

| July 8, 2024

Today’s Music Monday is a redux of a previous post regarding the popular 1973 song “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon song (of Simon and Garfunkel and solo fame). The song came up in a conversation on Sunday afternoon with Megan and Taylor as they were showing a “slides” wall display of hundreds of old transparencies all mounted […]

A favorite breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns

| July 7, 2024

Although we don’t eat out very much these days, having a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns is still a favorite of mine — OJ is an extra treat. Back when I would make more appointments with customers, meeting at Bob Evans or even picking up a “foam box breakfast” at the Silver […]

How old is too old to be POTUS … or is it a cognitive thing?

| July 6, 2024

Reading “view from the right” on this week has me wondering if our presidential candidates are getting too old … or if age is not the factor, perhaps having candidates pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) would be helpful?  Retirement Ages — by Stephen Macaulay Here’s something for your July 4th distraction, a list […]

A new Schraiber Grinder Pump as a replacement for a Zoeller

| July 5, 2024

After repeated malfunctions with a Zoeller sewage pump in the pool house, I’ve started the process of evaluating what might be wrong. I did have a couple plumbers come out under the Angi “free estimate” home repair. They were both expensive and wanted to replace the current “still running” 230VAC pump with a new one […]

Happy Independence Day America … and a simple workbench repair for a ThrowBack Thursday memory #TBT

| July 4, 2024

Five or so years ago while working in the garage, I damaged the oak banding edge on my workbench. It continued to bug me until I tried some car body filler as a repair. It has been fantastic ever since and continues to remind me that there’s a simple, economical fix for nearly everything. To […]

Obituary: friend Bob Luken passed away last month

| July 3, 2024

Although it was not a surprise, another long time friend and our EAA chapter president Bob Luken, passed away in Dayton, Ohio last month. He had moved to a nursing home after a couple of falls and was having difficulty breathing. We talked earlier in the month regarding a few items for EAA284 and he […]

Hurricane season 2024 hits those in the Caribbean #Beryl

| July 3, 2024

Yes it is hurricane season … and yes, the water temperatures are above historic norms … but climate change alarmists pretending to be CNN journalists are blaming fossil fuels directly.  This isn’t factual or sound science. There are those who study climate change and global warming who hypothesize that the use of carbon-based fuels and […]

Reconnecting with old college friends visiting from Idaho

| July 2, 2024

Where have the years gone? My college friend and all 4 years roommate (the absolute best) from Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio were back from Idaho Falls, Idaho to visit with family … and this trip they decided to drive down to see us (the last time was in 1986 when we were living […]

Music Monday: Alabama and “Forty Hour Week (For a Livin’)”

| July 1, 2024

It is hard to believe that the country music band “Wild Country” from Fort Payne, Alabama, now known as “Alabama” has been around since 1969? I was surprised. The band’s popularity exploded in the late 1970s and early 1980s after 2 hit songs in 1977 and a record deal with RCA Records (about the time […]

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