Professional BMW M5 Test Drive

Posted By on January 26, 2006

BMW Ultimate Test DriveHere’s a little video clip for BMW lovers and dreamers called “The Ultimate Test Drive. (encoded H.264 mp4 and is a 7.6 mb download – right click/save as) It’s a promo clip demostrating the BMW M5 performance sedan by a professional driver on a test track. The footage and comments from the driver regarding this finely tuned combination of power and handling are entertaining to watch … so much so that it makes me want to go down to The BMW Store again. (ask for Dave Lewis if you ‘really’ want to know more about this car. He also maintains a great ‘just’ BMW news site — For those of us struggling to get out from behind our ‘goobermobile’ (code name for our minivan) and into a finely engineered ‘4000 lb -four door family car,’ a BMW might be just the ticket even if the M5 is more car than we really need.

About BMW and in particular the M5:
The BMW M5 is the super-sport sedan and is more sophisticated and more powerful than ever. It is powered by an incredibly advanced V-10 engine, with a five-liter capacity, 10 cylinders, 500-hp (SAE net) output, 383 lb-ft maximum torque, and engine speeds in excess of 8,000 rpm. The BMW M5 boasts the most innovative drive concept in its class, the best power-to-weight ratio, super-car handling, as well as luxurious appointments and outstanding everyday driving characteristics. For those who demand uncompromised performance and want to share the thrills, there’s only one vehicle: the inimitable BMW M5.


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