Wavecrest Labs and ‘electric wheels’

Posted By on March 25, 2006

Wavecrest Roadster
I’ve been wanted to comment on one of the leading electric motor companies in the US — WaveCrest Laboratories in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Wavecrest is primarily known in the hybrid technology area by producing a high performance electric wheel. I’m not sure if anyone else as called it that, but the their brushless, high output motors are actually located directly at the wheels of a vehicle, be it a car or bike. (see TidalForce high performance bicycles) Locating the electric motor right where its power is used enhances dynamic performance and control of vehicles. They provide a high level of both positive and negative torque at the wheel, on demand. According to WaveCrest, their motors exhibit the highest torque density in the industry, which will eventually enable many user benefits including increased interior volume of vehicles.

The motors are low-speed, high torque and respond quickly to all computer controlled systems like anti-lock braking, traction control and vehicle stability systems. The WaveCrest motors have built in regenerative braking systems that reduces brake wear and extends range in electric operation mode by returned stopping and slowing power back to the power source. Used in combination with a power generation system, there is no need for a ICE in provided direct power to a vehicle as a Wavecrest motor in each wheel can provide 100% of the power needed.

The first place we are most likely to see the Wavecrest motors being used extensively are in bicycle police officers and military troops. The additional power and use of electric motors for rough offroad terrain made them an easy sell. Even I would like a TidalForce bike.

Pat Goss talks about Wavecrest Hybrids on Motorweek


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