Haleakala – 10,023 feet on Maui

Posted By on August 19, 2006

Haleakala sunrise
We must be nuts … its early and cold!
Brenda at 2am
Who in their right mind gets up at 2am to catch a van to the 10,023 foot extinct volcano just so they can see the sunrise above the clouds … and yet can still come away saying that it was well worth it. Yes … it was. Maybe its not a vacation, but it sure was a beautiful (and cold) sight. Photos do not do it justice … imagine the 360 degree view around the top of the crater rim. Awesome. (did I mention it was cold!)
Sunrise refraction

Katelyn and Alex HelmetsAfter the sunrise the warmup began as we biked our way down the 38 miles back to sealevel … or close too it. I’m not sure how much exercise my leg receives but I know my grip received a workout. (braking all the way down!) It was an awesome day but we are all dead tired.
Katelyn and Alex ... Cold

Taylor as Roadkill


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