Biodiesel and U.S Energy Consumption

| May 8, 2007

I liked Megan Murphy’s post over on the Renewable Energy Access site enough that I didn’t want it to get lost … so I’m archiving it here for reference. An algae biodiesel article is in the works and I’ll keep my eye open for it. May 8, 2007 How Does Biodiesel Affect U.S Energy Consumption? […]

VW Sportswagen TDI diesel coming to the US

| May 8, 2007

The Green Car Congress posted that the new Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen that has been displayed at autoshows (see previous post) will also be heading to the US with a diesel option … eventually. The wagon model of the New Jetta is anticipated by VW TDI buyers who find the added versatility and cargo carrying capability […]

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