VW Sportswagen TDI diesel coming to the US

Posted By on May 8, 2007

New Jetta SportwagenThe Green Car Congress posted that the new Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen that has been displayed at autoshows (see previous post) will also be heading to the US with a diesel option … eventually. The wagon model of the New Jetta is anticipated by VW TDI buyers who find the added versatility and cargo carrying capability of the Golfs and Wagons an advantage over the sedan. The new Sportwagen offers a 5.4% increase in space over the older A4 platform and should offer excellent fuel economy as well.

Volkswagen plans to deliver the first European versions (Golf Variant called the Sportline) in Germany with other countries following thereafter. If you are in the US, don’t expect the diesel version until sometime after June 2008, the expected date for Bluemotion diesels — New Jetta — to arrive in US. (according to my local dealership; although dealer delivery dates are notoriously wrong.)

The new vehicle will offer two diesel and three gasoline engines, including four direct injection engines. (European versions) The entry-level engine is a 1.6-liter four cylinder that outputs 75 kW (100 hp). For more power, the twincharged TSI gas engines deliver 103 kW (138 hp) 125 kW (168 hp) respectively. According the article, the TDI diesels options are the 77 kW (103 hp) and 103 kW (138 hp) engine. Both are factory-equipped with diesel particulate filters. A DSG dual clutch transmission is optional on all but the smallest engine. The US version of the Variant will be the Jetta Sportwagen.

EDIT:Inside Line is reporting that VW expects 2008 Sportwagens ordered with the 2.0 diesel engine to get EPA numbers of 40 city/60 highway. (I’ll believe it when it is printed on the sticker)


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