TiVo vs. Adelphia/Time Warner DVR

Posted By on October 26, 2006

I picked up a used TiVo on a last minute whim yesterday; we returned our cable companies DVR back in August and I’ve actually been thinking about it. I’ve heard positive comments about the TiVo interface, ease of use, network-ability and the neat ‘dogbone’ remote, but never had the opportunity to tinker with one. Since this older 80 hour Series 2 box isn’t the latest and greatest I was able to pick up the hardware for $35.00 plus shipping.

I’ve yet to activate service (pricey, but discounted longer terms) and found myself wishing I had one of those ‘lifetime’ subscriptions. (big bucks on Ebay) It will be nice to be able to pause, rewind and record a programs without resorting to our old VCR again — no … I didn’t really pull out the old VCR … but yes I miss the cable companies DVR. If there are any Tivo ‘bumps’ I should avoid before subscribing let me know by posting a comment; I welcome any advice. (one option I’m considering is buying another WITH a ‘lifetime’ subscription on the box and just adding this existing TiVo as a second for $6.95? Can I do that?)


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