Jessie Marie Davis: Praying for a miracle

Posted By on June 22, 2007

Jessie Marie DavisPerhaps it is because I’m in northeastern Ohio this week … but one can’t avoid hearing and talking about missing pregnant mother Jessie Davis. As the news about this missing person has spread nationally (USAToday), the search locally continues with thousands of volunteers another day in the Stark County area. From electronic billboards along the highways to those stopping to pray for her at home church, this area has taken Jessie and her family into their hearts. The police and FBI are keeping tight lipped about the investigation as the dogs search areas (turning up a false lead which ended up being marijuana) around her home. The boyfriend, Bobby Cutts, Jr., a police officer and father of their 2 year old has not been called a suspect, but his house was searched today. According to news reports, the nationally recognized Texas EquuSearch company will be arriving and using even more sophisticated equipment to help in the search.

One of the more interesting components of this situation is that a 1-day old girl (about what Jessie would have been carrying), was found alive on a Wooster Township doorstep. The girl is fine and DNA testing is being done to see if it could be Jessie’s child. (no confirmation that Mr. Cutts is the father, but it is expected) The Stark County Sheriff has set up a tip line for any information in regards to Ms. Davis: 330-430-3818.


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