Kodak filter to improve low-light photography

Posted By on June 15, 2007

Taylor's Bonfire
As a amateur photographer and someone who enjoys improving technology, a new development coming from Eastman Kodak could provide a huge leap forward for low light photography (article link). Imagine being able to take clear and sharp photos without having to resort to flash units? Although I’d love to have it on my ‘big lens’ digital SLR, they would make even more sense on a cell phone or PDA camera. One of these Kodak filters would have been great for these photos I took last night. They were around a bonfire my son and his Young Life group had in our backyard … I should have at least brought out my tripod!

Filter pledges crisp photos in low light
Digital technology boasts 2-to-4-times improvement in light sensitivity

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A year from now, capturing a crisp, clear image of a candlelit birthday party could be a piece of cake — even with a camera phone.

Eastman Kodak Co. said Thursday it has developed a color-filter technology that at least doubles the sensitivity to light of the image sensor in every digital camera, enabling shutterbugs to take better pictures in poor light.

“Low light can mean trying to get a good image indoors of your kid blowing out the birthday candles. It can mean you want to take a photograph on a street corner in Paris at midnight,” said Chris McNiffe, general manager of the photography company’s image sensor business. “We’re talking about a 2-to-4-times improvement in (light) sensitivity.”

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