Greek Isles “A-Team” and now its back to school

Posted By on August 30, 2007

Greek Isle A-Team
Another summer over … thankfully for mom and dad ... and its back to the school grind for my kids. Katelyn in particular had an interesting summer helping open a new restaurant near our home; she enjoyed every minute working and playing with the family and fellow employees at the Greek Isles Restaurant. The unique restaurant, for our area anyway, was an instant success in our community and has been doing a steady business from an 11 A.M. lunch to a 9 P.M close. Who knew Liberty Township was ‘starving’ for authentic Greek food?

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Here are a couple photos of the ‘A-Team’ after Katelyn’s last day at the Greek Isles. (and is another test Google’s Picasa2‘s upload and embed feature.)

I’d be remiss not to include a word of thanks to Kosta and Maria for treating Katelyn like “family” and giving her a great summer job. I know she enjoyed her summer … and particularly the chance to observer and open heart surgery. Thanks again.


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