Toyota RAV 4 commercial :-)

Posted By on October 14, 2007

Toyota RAV 4 commercial
If you are married and enjoy a little ill-placed humor, you’ll enjoy this Toyota RAV 4 commercial below. If you don’t laugh at it … I’m sure you’ll at least smile? Actually I don’t know how long it has been out although I noticed it was posted to YouTube in 2006, but I never noticed it on television. It most likely caught my interest over at Autoblog only because my wife drives a RAV 4 … which she continues to brag ‘optimistically’ about. She has had a positive experience with ti as its a well used 1997 model at about 200,000 miles. About the only thing mechanically wrong is that it uses oil, which is particularly noticeable on startup. Don’t get me started on the cosmetic list since it would be easy to mention was doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced!


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