TV series Jericho ends tonight on CBS

Posted By on March 25, 2008

Of the two television programs I watch, one will end tonight: Jericho. The final episode will conclude at 10PM eastern time to a outraged fan base. Last year the show was cancelled, but when fans united to petition CBS for its return, executive gave it a second breath. (link)

Unfortunately, the number of viewers were not enough for the network and even through the nuts and well done second season of drama. This seven episode second season will be its final. If you’ve been watching, it has seemed rushed and will end way too soon for me. According to entertainment news reports, the crew wrote and filmed two endings … one more conclusive and one prepared for a third season. That said, the more final conclusion still leaves room for the possibility of “Jericho” finding a second life on cable. Oh … and thank you Sprint for advertising for Jericho …



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