Crazy “Rice” hoarding Americans

Posted By on April 25, 2008

riceWho is to blame … Costco, Sam’sClub/Walmart, the media or just crazy Americans thinking they’ll be left ‘rice-less.’ (as if rice is a daily necessity for most American?)

While their may be a worldwide concern that the primary source of nutrition for many is in short supply, that is not true in the United States. What is true is that the media hype following a couple wholesale store restrictions in California due to limited stock “at a couple location” panic restaurants and individuals to make a run on the stores. Once the run began, the shelves were emptied due to the increased demand, much from ‘rice buyers’ that rarely purchased rice in the past.

The stocking up … or hoarding … has put a temporary shortage in place causing store to limit the number of bags of rice per purchase (like a two case limit on soft drinks as a dollar cost leader). Reporters ran with the ‘rationing’ stories which is creating even more demand for rice which has now turned into a national story.

Americans can be nutty! (Rice News Stories)


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