Oil $119.90 / Clinton wins PA primary

Posted By on April 23, 2008

upGroan … with a bunch more miles to drive yet this week, gasoline made the usual Tuesday move up again. This time it went about 25 cents at most retail stations in Ohio — on average about $3.59/gallon for unleaded regular gasoline after the move. No doubt price increases have something to do with U.S. and worldwide demand, but I’m sure Tuesday afternoon’s all time high close of $119.90 a barrel isn’t helping.

Clinton wins PA
In other news dominating the headlines, Hillary Clinton wins the viciously fought Pennsylvania primary beating Democratic front runner Barrack Obama in an historic 10% margin of victory. (lots of credit goes to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell for helping Senator Clinton – photo above) I’m not sure this will change the eventual outcome, but it does make the race interesting to watch and makes May’s primaries far more interesting … especially Indiana and North Carolina.


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