Raccoon troubles

Posted By on May 27, 2008


Another year … and another family has figured out how to get into our house — an animal family that is. We’ve had birds in the attic and raccoons once before, but this guy has been a bit more challenging to trap. I’ve moved my live trap in different places around the roof line (where I’ve seen this guy/gal walking) and around the attic trusses where he/she has torn the soffits off for entry and damaged a piece of heating/air-conditioning flex ducting. I put the boxed in trap so that there was no escape where the soffit, but no ‘coon.’

Recently I forced him/her into the attic space over the garage and then closed off the entry. I then opened the crawl through door and at night the ‘bandit’ dropped out and onto the floor — a 12 foot drop. Unbeknown to this little ‘nasty’ raccoon, our dog, an Australian Blue Heeler named Tootsie, sleeps in the garage … and oh what a commotion we had last night! Eventually Tootsie drove the raccoon up on top of some storage shelves and there it sits … now what??? (BTW … our dog does like to hunt and bring home prizes)



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