Our hawk family, clouds and relaxing evening

Posted By on July 22, 2008

clouds roll in

As has been the norm lately, I’ve have spent a few quiet evening at home just sitting quietly and looking out over the backyard. Tonight I watched as the storm clouds began to pile up to our south and west. (no rain for us though)
Hawk landing on fenceIts also been enjoyable to watch a pair of hawks raise their family from a nest high up in a white pine tree bordering our property. The mom and dad have been teaching their young how to swoop and snatch food and just perch (and poop I might add!) on the fence. A benefit, besides admiring their gracefulness, has been cleaner pool skimmers— fewer mice and moles.

Interestingly, I’ve also found myself reading to the light of the hurricane lamp we confiscated off one of our sailboats before ‘selling it’ many years ago; it soothing light does brings back fond memories of distant anchorages. I’m trying to appreciate the time to sit quietly and watch dusk to give way to night. It is nice.

hurricane lamp



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