FoxNews “Hannity” To Premiere January 12th

Posted By on December 11, 2008

Sean HannityFox News will debut a new program at 9PM EST, entitled “Hannity” featuring radio and TV personality Sean Hannity as the solo host. The program premieres January 12th and will include a panel with three studio guest. This “Great American Panel”  is said to include  a conservative, liberal and “X-factor” guest. One the the more interesting segments being proposed is a “Hate Hannity Hotline” … no doubt this will be a popular segment.

Sean’s co-host  Alan Colmes announce that he was leaving his current position on November 24th and there have been a variety of polls asking who should replace the left leaning Democrat. Most polls indicated that viewers preferred Sean Hannity to go solo rather than bring on another liberal voice. Polls listed several popular guests as possible Colmes replacements, yet the final decision was to run with just Hannity. (Besides his radio and co-hosted television program, Sean Hannity has also been hosting his own weekend program call “Hannity’s America.”)


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