Miraculous: US Airways flight lands on Hudson River

Posted By on January 15, 2009

Watching coverage of USAir crash on Hudson River

Well this may not classify as a “miracle,” but its about as close as I can imagine. While driving home tonight I “listened” to television coverage of the incredible landing of US Airways Flight 1549 shortly after takeoff. The twin engine Airbus A320 jet had just left LaGuardia Airport enroute to Chalotte NC when it “may” have hit a flock of geese knocking out both engines which required the pilots to make and emergency landing on the Hudson River near Midtown Manhattan. According to reports, all passengers and crew escaped with their lives thanks to the incredible skills demonstated by the pilots. Equally credit need to go to the professionalism of the ‘well trained’ flight attendants as those being rescues offered their accalades. Its not often we praise the those in commercial aviation for a job well done — just incredible.

US Air Flight 1549

Emergency first responders in the NYC area were quickly to the scene, as the cold weather and 40-degree water left little time before passengers would start experience hypothermia. Ferry boats headed to the area and U.S. Coast Guard rafts were quickly in the water. Divers pulled passengers from the wings of the plane and rapidly brought them to waiting ambulances.  Again “incredibly” there were no fatalities.

US Air Flight 1549

US Airways officials said Thursday it was too soon to determine the cause of the accident.


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