The Columbia River Experience

Posted By on March 11, 2009

Keel Brightman, the son of a friend of mine (Donna Lange’s) is participating in an adventure of a lifetime this spring in the Pacific Northwest. He is part of a small group who has started in British Columbia, Canada this March and is hoping to paddle the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.Spot The team sees the Columbia River as one of the most dammed river drainages in the world and is using their expedition to bring attention to the river, the environment and alternative energy. They post updates on their website and one member uses a great product call the Spot Satellite Messenger to check in and post his position daily.

They originally wanted to depart from the headwaters of the river but due to ice had to start a bit further downstream and intend to return to the headwaters to finish the full length of the Columbia later in the season. Still they have found snow and ice challenging and the lake paddle distances mentally grueling. Here’s wishing the team well.

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