Volkswagen’s clean diesel SportWagen TDI accounts for 81% of June SportWagen sales

Posted By on July 2, 2009

VW SportWagenSales for the “clean dieselVolkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI were impressive in the month of June for Volkswagen of America. SportWagen sales accounted for 81% of all SportWagens sold. The TDI version of the Jetta and Touareg  were impressive as well, accounting for 40% of Jetta sales and 29% of the Touareg SUV sales.

American and Asian companies who have chosen to stick with gasoline, hybrid and are overly focused on their EV models should take note and reconsider the traditionally longer lasting and fuel efficient modern diesel. With both Ultra Low Sulfur petroleum diesel fuel  (ULSD) and biodiesel conveniently available throughout North America and a growing acceptance that diesel vehicles can be ‘green’ — 2009 Green Car of the Year — there are fewer and fewer reasons to not be including engines choices that are 30% more efficient than current gasoline only models.

News Release Issued: July 1, 2009 1:39 PM EDT
Clean Diesel Fuels Volkswagen’s June Sales

Over 25 percent of sales were Clean Diesel TDI’s

HERNDON, Va., July 1 /PRNewswire/ — Volkswagen of America, Inc. today announced June 2009 sales of 19,027 units, representing an 18 percent decrease over June 2008. However, Volkswagen’s award winning clean diesels posted their best sales month since their re-launch with 5,072 units, representing an impressive 26 percent of total sales.

The Jetta SportWagen once again posted its best sales month ever with sales of 1,982 units. Clean diesel TDI’s accounted for 81 percent of SportWagen sales, 40 percent of Jetta sedan sales, and 29 percent of Touareg sales.

“Volkswagen of America is encouraged by the momentum of our clean diesel TDI sales,” said Mark Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “It appears that U.S. consumers are starting to realize the many benefits of today’s clean diesels–vehicles that attain more than 30 percent better fuel economy while emitting 25 percent less greenhouse gas emission, all without sacrificing driving dynamics,” Barnes added.

Volkswagen also announced today that they have been named a corporate leader in Strategic Visions Total Quality Index® (TQI). For 2009, Volkswagen has the most models across the segments that were measured than any other brand–New Beetle, Rabbit, Jetta, CC, and Tiguan were all recognized as TQI leaders in their respective segments.



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