Previewing Google Wave

Posted By on October 28, 2009

Google Wave preview

A quick thanks to Lee for expediting my Google Wave beta request, although I still feel a bit late to the game in getting a chance to play with this new Google app. Although I’ve talked to a few people about how they foresee using this new web based communications tool, I’m still struggling to figure out if it will really be adopted by my clients and co-workers — I sort of  doubt it.

Basically, Google Wave out of the gate is a collaboration tool that integrates chat, email and online applications like Google Docs. The ‘realtime’ aspect (can watch each other type) of the web window interface gives collaborators in different locations the ability to work on projects without emailing copies back and forth or making conference calls. From what I can see, the real power will come from users who develop APIs interfacing for their clients online sites that will “go live” … literally. Imagine a newsroom updating a breaking story from several news bureaus and watching the written story develop for the mornings paper online …. or just an interactive conversational comment sections for active blogs? If you are a beta user and need to try it with someone, let me know.


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