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Posted By on December 15, 2009

I tried my first “synth” with Microsoft’s online computer-generated panorama photo application called The app automatically stitches a series of photos together in a semi-panoramic combination and creates an image called a “synth.” From a users perspective, the process is fairly easy and takes less than an hour; all that is required is to take a grouping of digital photos and the ability to upload using a Windows-based computer with Microsoft’s proprietary, but free, image uploading software.

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My first attempt was to create a 30 photo series of our dining room (unfortunately in low light) by overlapping a group of photos to include higher angled photos as well as lower (it is recommended to overlap by 50%). For my first test I, unfortunately, moved the camera position once from one side of the room to the other — a mistake for this project, but on another, it could be used to show detailed views. I also included a closer photo of the centerpiece as I was curious to see how that was incorporated into the synth. The online software is impressive as it created a navigable image in about 30 minutes and enabled an image that is viewable full screen or can be embedded. The entire imaging process for this test was completed in about 40 minutes time; 10 minutes for the photos and uploading and 30 processing. I’m anxious to try on a detailed project or local landmark — so stay tuned!


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