Spending the day with Mom and Dad

Posted By on January 3, 2010

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad 01/02/10 — Palm Pre

We’ve had a couple of nice family gatherings over Christmas and New Years this holiday season, so why not include two of the most important peopleBirdfeeder in my life … Mom and Dad. It was a great to be together with them and enjoying time reminiscing — I think even my kids enjoyed some of the old photos of their dad … especially the embarrassing ones. My dad who is retired seems to enjoy feeding and recording the birds that visit their feeder and mom more than ever enjoys her time working at the local “Once Around Shop” as a volunteer. I’m particularly proud of her for her 25 (now almost 26 years) of service there … something communities need more of.

Birdfeeder at mom and dad's 3

I’m also thankfully they are in great health and spirit … and a great example of husband/wife and father/mother our family. I love you mom and dad.

Birdfeeder at mom and dad's


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