Murphy’s Law and Sprint Palm Pre tethering to NAS

Posted By on March 10, 2010

Murphy’s Law enacted itself today while I was enjoying continued R & R; a work related issue came pelicanonbeach up requiring me to access information with my computer. Unfortunately this was  information that I didn’t properly back up during my recently Windows 7 reformat and updated notebook computer. I of course have a backup, but it is at home on my Hammer NAS N1200 and there is even a copy on my Passport 320GB hard drive. Unfortunately I don’t have the HD with me (who really wants to carry more gadgets on a plane?) and I didn’t set up the ability to FTP to the NAS. Frustrating to depend on my client for information on a previous project. (BTW, I’m including my son’s Palm Centro photo on the right for today’s personal vacation photo)

While pondering the thought of correcting the problem when I return, I wondered just how my current connection was going to work anyway … so I ran a DSLReports speed test on my Sprint Palm Pre and MyTether app tonight – passable.



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