New Facebook app for webOS has been updated and improved

Posted By on March 6, 2010

I’m a couple days late in commenting on the newly released Facebook application for the Palm webOS smartphones, facebookwebosappbut wanted to mention that it has been significantly improved. If you are a Facebook user, or even a newbie, the enhancements available for the Pre and Pixi make the popular social networking site almost worth using. Currently I avoid using FB since my college age children and their friends could be sharing things I really don’t want to know – although I’m sure they are spending all their free time studying in the library.

The updated Facebook application has an entirely new interface of six buttons and a quick update bubble. The free application can be downloaded directly to the phone from the Palm app catalog and now includes a helpful datebook EVENT button – great for remembering birthdays and social events that are being shared.

Posting “What’s on your mind?” is as easy as pie and pops up as the default or by selecting the NEWS button; it also includes a camera button for those using the Pre or Pixi’s excellent camera or internal photo storage (also the new webOS 1.4 update now includes video camcorder features with a direct upload to Facebook – sample here). fb_richc_us_webos_appThe PHOTOS button itself offers access to galleries of shared photos which is really slick.  This was a favorite feature for sharing photos … although it was very good in the previous version. The INBOX button includes a friends avatar, name and first line from your friends messages, along with approximate date (ex. 1 week ago). An easy to use SEARCH button pulls up access to your friends in a list format and it can be searched by ‘flick’ scrolling or by typing a first, second, third letter in order to drill down and find the correct person’s Facebook “wall” (options then include “Wall, Info or Pics”). Finally the ME button brings up one’s own “Wall” (Info or Pics) as well as a place to post. Everything works exceptionally fast and without lag.

All in all, this a significantly improved application for the Palm webOS platform … and almost enough to get me using Facebook.


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