FedEx shines when delivering packages in the rain #sarcasm

Posted By on May 7, 2020

Nine years ago, it would have been polite for our FedEx driver to have at LEAST left a note or to have mentioned he ran off the driveway … FedexPackageDelivery200504although it was understandable with the snow cover (see link). On the other hand, it makes me smile now, especially since I can use it as a Throwback Thursday #TBT tie-in for today’s post.

This time it was a rainy Sunday delivery … or “semi” delivery … since it was left at the end of our driveway, on top of the mailbox. I know we have a long driveway, but most companies (including FedEx) deliver to the garage door and smartly to the sheltered front porch when it is raining. Perhaps all delivery drivers are overworked and overstressed with COVID19, but still, to strategically balance a large box on our mailbox while it’s raining defies commonsense. Thankfully our neighbor called so we could at least run out in the rain and retrieve the box. Come on Fred W. Smith, your company and employees should be a little bit better than this.


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