Water Power for your car

Posted By on May 11, 2006

About six year ago I remember reading about a Hydrogen generator (H20 2000) developed for use in specialty welding and cutting. The article was in one of my engineering magazines and used electrolysis to break down water and use the hydrogen gas and oxygen to generate a 6000 degree flame. Until recently, the inventors device remained quiet at least in the manufacturing circles that I’m familiar with.
H20 2000When video segment from a Clearwater Florida Fox26 news station appeared on a forum, I soon remembered the welding and cutting machine and realized it was being used to produce the hydrogen to power a car. Dennis Klein is the patent holder and inventor according to a couple of articles and looks to be targeting a new market. It will be interesting to see if there is enough true to the claim of breaking water into Hydrogen at the scale of efficiency being talked about. I wonder if Mr. Klein is in the running for the $50 million dollar grand prize?

From my limited understanding of Physics, significant energy is required to create the Hydrogen gas being used to power an internal combustion engine. It would seem that there is always going to be a loss of efficiency whenever energy changes forms; nevertheless the video clip is interesting. Personally I see the possibility of using a Hydrogen generator to convert water to Hydrogen gas during off-peak electric power periods – nights – and using the gas in a hybrid vehicle for commuting during the day?

Water Power – Fox26 News Clearwater, FL


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