Some think it’s “cool” to wear a Che Guevara image

Posted By on March 31, 2010

I hope high school and college age generations realize how just stupid and unpatriotic it is to wear images of Che Guevara. If you care about your freedom and liberty … and democracy in the world, think twice about the message you are sending prior to buying or wearing his image. Che shirt

Che Guevara is not the “do good-er” that those overlooking the entirety of his life would have you believe. His much celebrated diplomacy and ability to inspire change through words is what supporters want to remember, but a bit more reading and study (even if you agree with his political views) exposes a ruthless killer who chose silence of those who opposed his views. He was not unlike the Taliban when it came to to enforcing his communist agenda.

“Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism, and a battle hymn for the people’s unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America.”
— Che Guevara (Message to the Transcontinental in 1967)


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