Salvaging a non-working florescent fixture with LED bulbs

Posted By on April 25, 2016


Since I have a bunch of florescent lights in my shops (most are 8 footers) it is getting to be a challenge to keep up with replacing both tubes and ballasts, I’ve decided it was time to experimentballast a small 2 foot 2 bulb fixture and replace with a couple cheapy “warm white” (2700 degree) LEDs from eBay 

So far my luck in rewiring has not been good. Supposedly just removing the ballast and wiring 110VAC directly should work … it didn’t???

Initially I tried using this ballast (probably bad) and then snipped it out and bypassed.

EDIT 4/25/2016: Looks like a little rewiring and retesting has it working. I like this little LED fixture … get those tubes priced lower and I’ve got quite a few to replace!

LED replacements


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