Smartphones and mobile apps are all sharing your personal info

Posted By on April 27, 2011

Most of us understand computer tracking cookies and many users (and web browsers) to make easier for users to keep some of their information private. Obviously advertisers and content providers see your online information valuable smartphoneinfosharing(just as do physical store offering credit and ID cards for discounts, etc).

The latest stories in the news have been privacy in the mobile phone arena; it seems phones share your phone ID through apps and location services – not generally asking your permission. Some can be controlled and others it seems has not been as widely known (latest iPhone location-gathering and storing your history). Perhaps one of the more insidious mobile phone information sharing comes from ‘apps’ being download (often free) and used (played) on smartphones. The WSJ recently looked at both the Android and iPhone OS and found information is regularly shared. (video below), so don’t be surprise that your phone is sending info on how, where and how often you are using your mobile device during your day.


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