New Montana Brand countersink 4-in-1 countersink bits

Posted By on April 24, 2021

MontanaTools4in1There’s not much a tools and gadget guy like me likes more than getting something new for my workshop.


After breaking a bit in my cheap-ish countersink a few weeks ago (probably imported from China), I opted for a new Montana Brand Tools which are a USA-made set rather than just buying a new cheap drill bit for my old one. It was probably a rash and unneeded purchase (direct rather than Amazon) since I don’t use it all the time. My justification is that I can use the old one for countersinking rough carpentry and keep these newer ones for inside-the-workshop finer woodworking.

Since I was already going to pay for FedEx shipping, I fell prey to the “matched” self-centering plug cutters to go with it. Ugh … let’s hope Brenda doesn’t notice the charge on our credit card.


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