The ‘LA politicians vs Arizona’ political feud – Where will it stop?

Posted By on May 20, 2010

Most agree that the Federal government isn’t doing its job when it comes PresObamaCalderon1to protecting the southern U.S. border or in dealing effectively with illegal immigration, yet there is disagreement as to when affected states can enforce laws associated with a person’s immigration status.

Heated debate continues on both sides seeing politicians from California (and around the country) criticizing their new law and going so far as to recommend an economic boycott of Arizona. Wednesday even the presidents of both Mexico and the U.S. made critical comments suggesting the law is or is potentially “discriminatory.”

Calderón that the Arizona law is “discriminatory,” Obama said “the Arizona law has the potential of being applied in a discriminatory fashion.” (Christian Science Monitor)

Some in Arizona aren’t going down without pointing out that economic pressures can go both ways and that the boycott seems to be selective. Commissioner Gary Piece sent a letter to the outspoken Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa hinting that if Californians want to boycott spending money in Arizona that perhaps they many not want to purchase electrical power either? He has a point … a point which many perceive as a threat that Arizona might consider cutting power to California (LA receives 25% of their electricity from Arizona). Pierce quickly pointed out on a Wednesday talk show that this wasn’t a a threat, nor does he have the power to “stop selling power to the state of California.”  (Letter below)

If this wasn’t such an important issue, the squabble would be comical.



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