Who is to blame for soft borders and our illegal alien problem?

Posted By on May 18, 2010

Saw this posted on Greta Van Susteren’s blog … food for thought:

1.  Democrats and Republicans for 20 years plus have said we should (and even promised) to secure the borders.

2.  The borders are not secure.  The Democrats and Republicans have failed us.  They are not doing their job to solve a real problem.

3.  There are millions and millions of good, decent and hardworking illegal immigrants in this country who have fled their homeland because their homeland is a lousy place to live – either no jobs or crime or both. Their is much to admire about these people and their dreams and wishes.   Our politicians must figure out what to do with these honorable people – whether it be to send them back or give them a path to citizenship.  That is their job.   Something must be done.

4.  Mexico is “on fire.”  Despite the wonderful attributes of Mexico, Mexico has few job opportunities and worse is a cesspool of violence.  We don’t want their violence.  Police, journalists, government workers, shopkeepers, children, by standers – you name it – are gunned down in broad daylight.  If you read English speaking papers in Mexico or online, you read about beheadings and headless bodies hung from overpasses to intimidate the population.  Everyone is terrified.  The violence stems almost 100 % from their drug trade and the drug cartels.

5.  The USA has a large market for Mexico’s narco trade.   That, of course, means that more and more and more of the bad part (drugs and violence) of Mexico is coming to the USA.  This is even a greater reason for our politicians to do their jobs.  It is getting worse, not better.

6.  In addition to the millions of good, decent and hardworking illegal immigrants, there are lots of criminals.  That number will grow as long as we allow it.  Right now there is no disincentive for the violent criminals in Mexico to stay out of the USA.  Bottom line: expect more.

7.  Many (thousands?) people fleeing Mexico are horribly abused by those sneaking them into the USA illegally.  The human rights abuses to those fleeing Mexico would make your hair stand on end.  Failure to address illegal immigration encourages more human rights abuses.

8.  An influx of people – including illegal immigrants – puts a strain on an infrastructure (eg hospitals, police and schools) that taxpayers support.  Taxpayers in one state can not absorb a huge influx of people.   Yes, the illegal immigrants pay sales taxes and other taxes, but not (I am told) in excess of their current cost.

9. Arizona does not want and can not afford the problems that a state on the border necessarily gets when your neighbor has so many internal problems.

10.  It does not calm the problem when you have explosive issues like the one raised by the ethnic studies program in one school district.  The hight school courses, as described to me, only inflame and don’t inspire.

11.  Arizona would like the Federal government to help them.  Arizona NEEDS help.   The Feds have not acted so Arizona gave up hope and acted alone.  Arizona passed a statute that has electrified many.  Many critical of the statute have not bothered to read it which only adds fuel to the fire of this controversy when they speak out against it.

12.  There is a solution.  The Federal government should step in and assume its Constitutional responsibility to address immigration.  Yes..our politicians should do their jobs.

13.  It is not helpful for the Federal government – Congress and the Executive Branch –  to simply criticize Arizona and not take any aggressive steps towards solving this real problem.  Remember…our politicians have promised.

14.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle are dropping the ball and avoiding their responsibilities because they don’t want to face the political consequences of making tough decisions.  Alas..that is why we sent them to Washington: do their jobs and do the hard problems.   They said they wanted our vote and that this is one of the problems they would solve.

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