Sully Sullenberger: A man who has a passion and love of aviation

Posted By on July 31, 2010

eastern-dc-7b-n836dYoung Eagles co-chair and retired Capt Sully Sullenberger was forced to select his all time favorite aircraft when interviewed at Airventure 2010 this year and it wasn’t the fully restored Douglas DC-7B that he few to Oshkosh Wisconsin in.

Here’s a choice of four aircraft that this heroic pilot has developed proficiency in flying; check video below to see if you’re correct?

  1. Airbus A380 (from “Miracle on the Hudson”)
  2. F4 Phantom II (from his USAF military service)
  3. Aeronca 7DC (the first plane he learned to fly)
  4. Engineless Glider/Sailplane (received his glider license at 14 years old)



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