Ever been to Traverse City Michigan? This might inspire you.

Posted By on July 31, 2011

If you’ve ever enjoyed a summer (or fall, spring or winter) trip to Traverse City Michigan, you then know that it is a great All American town. I’ll bet you’ll love this  Traverse City LibDub 2011 video, at least I know Michigander Steve will, although some Buckeyes are pretty set in their ways?
Open-mouthed smile


  • Ha, neat… and yes, I do love Traverse City. You should really make it up there sometime for their airshow – best place in the world to watch the Blue Angels!

    Was that really Johnny Depp in the beginning? Sure looked like him!

    • I’ve never gone for the airshow … but it has also been a few years since traveling in that area. For the better part of a summer when we still lived in NE Ohio, we traveled to the UP every weekend — thought about buying cabin property. Whew, close call. 🙂

      • Yeah I wouldn’t want to spend winters up there… but it’s beautiful from May thru October!

        It’ll be a few years before the next airshow I think (Blue Angels scheduling conflict, so they’re skipping next year’s show) but maybe you can make it up for whenever the next one is?

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