An update and mini review on our Roku 2XD

Posted By on October 1, 2011

So far I have been satisfied with our relatively low cost purchase of a Roku 2XD as a way to stream Internet content to our plasma TV. The Roku is must quicker to navigate than our TivoHD and offers a simple interface and one roku2hdHDMI wire set up. Amazon online movie rentals worked great and Netflix content streamed effortlessly … again, better than our Tivo. The unit is WiFi, it is HD, low power and  is so small and lightweight that the bend in our kinked HDMI cable prevents it from sitting straight. My biggest regret is that our Panasonic Plasma has only one HDMI input and I now much switch cables every time I use it. Hmm, why didn’t they build in a few more HDMI inputs?

  • Pros: High quality picture, Built in Wi-Fi, Compact
  • Cons: Want more video choices, yet another single purpose remote
  • Best Uses: HQ Internet TV HD "Networks" … in our case,

I’m looking forward to trying it out on the boat … while within range of our marina’s Internet service of course. Although IF I had a 4G connection wouldn’t mind trying it tethered to the smartphone while being “untethered” to shore-side power?


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