Intrade and “let’s increase the U.S. State Department by 50%”

Posted By on January 31, 2012 is probably one of the more interesting ways to track/trade the election. The ups and downs of a campaign are pretty clear to see … from the Gingrich surge after South Carolina to the precipitous drop we’re watching in Florida.


If I had to vote today, I’m not sure I would even go to the polls to cast a ballot. Thankfully I’m not in Florida, but I reserve the right to withhold my vote on Super Tuesday until a degree of civility returns to the GOP campaign. I’ve been watching and listening to enough of the national news and the negative comments and nastiness has me disgusted with the Republican party (as I recall, the Democrats weren’t all that much better). If this is a taste of what we’ll be hearing in the national campaign, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to take it.

Negative ads were so prevalent in the final week before the Florida primary that they accounted for 92 percent of all campaign commercials that ran.


Although I’m sure both Gingrich and Romney are slinging their fair share of the mud (or their pacts), the recent sharp attacks from Speaker Gingrich are difficult to take without coming away with a negative impression of him. I’m not sure if it his anger showing through or just his nasty temperament. I recoiled a couple of times as he has moved from calling Mitt Romney a “moderate” to a “liberal.” For Newt Gingrich to portray himself as an “outsider” isn’t believable and some of his ideas are far from conservative. One discussion I heard today has me questioning how Tea Party folks can take him serious: “a 50% increase of the State Department” at a time most of us are demanding smaller government?

Newt Gingrichon the size of the State Department



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