Visiting Mom and Dad with family again

Posted By on January 29, 2012

Mom and Diane on Saturday afternoon January 28, 2012

It was great to see my mom happy to have visitors and feeling pretty good after getting a better combination of pain medication. Although her vertebrae is deteriorating and their has been little hope for a surgical repair, she has been in much better spirits now that this past week been tolerable. The beautician that does her hair for 30 years came to the house and believe it or not my dad was able to help wash her a bit (not something dad ever did even with us kids – a different generation I suppose?)

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My cousin Diane and her husband Bert Mears were down to Sidney from Maumee Ohio for the day and that really helped with the psychological mood and gave mom a bit lift. We enjoy conversation most of the afternoon and didn’t even detect her tiring, something I would have expected with the pain medication. She had a very strong day … and the conversation was enjoyable as well.

It is tough to see her in a wheelchair and unable to walk; we all know that she needs to get some kind of physical therapy as seeing her feet swell and appetite disappear is difficult. We are hoping that with the major pain under some control that the doctors can begin to deal with these other areas. For now, I’m thankful not to see her in so much pain.


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