Endorsing an honest and trustworthy local business

Posted By on March 31, 2012

mrgodwrenchstickerFor the past couple of years I’ve been taking our cars to a privately owned automotive service business (in West Chester, OH) and have been satisfied with the work. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the owner, Tim Ellison, who’s Christian walk and straightforward business dealings are one in the same.

Besides using Mr. Godwrench to do some heavier engine repair work on Brenda’s aging Toyota Rav4 a couple of years ago, I continue to take my Honda Pilot to Tim for service when I don’t have the time or tools  (the AC service comes to mind). If you live north of Cincinnati and are looking for an honest, trustworthy and fair priced automotive repair service company, consider giving Mr. Godwrench a call – 513-755-7146.


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