One step closer to a no holds barred Romney vs. Obama fight

Posted By on April 10, 2012


It looks like the contest is about over for the GOP candidates … although the smart money has been on Governor Romney for a few months now … but it has been mitt fistsdifficult for Mitt Romney to land a knockout blow, as challengers seemed to tag-team against him for the last year.

Yet in the last few weeks, the field has thinned as heavy weight Newt Gingrich seems to be surrendering to the middle-of-the-road weight Mitt Romney. After some soul searching today, the number two GOP contender Rick Santorum decided to suspend his campaign without presobamapushups120408an immediate endorsement of Romney.

So, it will be Romney wearing the red trunks who is unfortunately a few campaign dollars poorer, but perhaps in better fighting condition. He will of course be squaring off against the one term physically fit (he does pushups, but does he still smoke?) President Barrack Obama wearing the Dems signature blue. Fortunately or unfortunately each will have a substantial war chest in which to attack the other, so expect a bloody contest later this year (unfortunately it is starting already).
*** Yes I know, the “no holds barred” refers to wrestling, not boxing. Winking smile 


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