Tech Friday: The new GetPocket ReadItLater service

Posted By on April 20, 2012

Photo is/was one of the better services for saving web pages for later reading or archive research. I’ve used a couple different services over the year on the computer, but have found the new ReadItLater better than most — and the free services is excellent. It is now called Pocket ( and has an excellent mobile app … at least the one that runs on the iPad. Since I’m currently restricted in printing from the iPad or creating PDF doc from pages, being able to save images, pages or videos along with just personally emailing links, copied test or screenshot to myself is my favorite way to save items. Besides using a browser bookmarklet, one of the more impressing components is emailing the link to an address that puts a copy of the site so it can be read later. The iPad is super handy as these files are (or can be) downloaded so they can be read without Internet service.


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