Video for WordPress and embed issues for multiple browsers

Posted By on April 23, 2012


Here’s what works and what doesn’t work when using the Hana Flv Player plug in with my WordPress install in an attempt to figure out the best way to post video that will play in all browser/hardware combinations.

Embedding test video with the Kodak Playsport Zx5

1. Safari on the iPad 2 only post description of flv player .mp4 embed and plays the Mediaelement.js + H.264 .mp4 file embed.


2. Google Chrome 18 plays both the flv player .mp4 embed and the


3. Internet Explorer 9 plays the flv player H.264 .mp4 but “looks” as if it is just buffering and loading the video with a spinning icon


4. Firefox 11 plays the flv player just fine with the H.264 .mp4 video. The Mediaelement.js H.264 .mp4 just paints a black box.


So unless there is a combination I haven’t tried, the best way currently to serve my own content is to use H.264 and .mp4 wrapper and two different embedded players … unless all viewers at this time use Chome. Unfortunately the HTML5 isn’t universal and it doesn’t look like Apple is going to make there devices compatible with flash anytime soon. Unless I’m missing something? (a couple test video clips in both embeds “without pre-loading” to save bandwidth below)

Self explanatory if you can watch one of the two embedded clips. (testing)


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