Speed vs Economy numbers for the VW Passat TDI 6-sp manual

Posted By on October 1, 2012

2012passatcloudA “Hypermiling” friend of mine posted a graph to his forum after driving a 2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI with a 6-speed and the realistic above 50mpg results being returned by this mid-sized car are impressive.

I sure wish VW had a TDI 4motion wagon!

Click for larger graph

Temps were 57 – 59 degrees F with no wind. The readings were taken in southern IL on I-57 before and after midnight with a minimum distance traveled of 18 miles and a maximum 33 miles. Elevation at the time of initial aFCD reset and final tabulation was within +/- 5 ft ASL.

I applied a 1.0158% offset (Displayed * 1.0158) to make up for both the mileage and aFCD display to actual.

I did not apply a temperature compensation of 2.5% to the above to match up to 70 degrees F but even without, the speed FE results are spectacular! Add the temperature compensation or drive in 70 degree temps and you are darn near 50 mpg at 70 mph in a midsize sedan!


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